Daniel Alejandro Trejo
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I’ll Make You So Proud of Me
underglazed stoneware

24" x 19" x 1.5"


My work explores the concepts of absence and fragility by relying mainly on volume and color, not having much concern for emphasizing density or mass. The forms of the sculptures are ambiguous, leaving room for hidden emotions, attitudes or motivations to be projected by the viewer. Color in ceramics has become vital in my investigation and production of ceramic objects. It is a continuous challenge applying vibrant colors onto my sculptures; applying the wrong color can jeopardize the aesthetic integrity of the object. Each sculpture goes through a great deal of color editing. One piece may go through four-to-five colors, before selecting an appropriate hue that is appropriate for the form.

As my body of work continues to develop, new interests, questions, and demands arise that require resolution, or at least some acknowledgement to that concern, which will evidently lead onto my next body of work