Meghan C. Sullivan
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What Remains
cone 04 terracotta hand-built sculpture, multiple oxidation firings and cold surfacing

20" x 18" x 9"



My figurative ceramic sculptures are observations of the emotional and psychological aspects of communication within human interactions. It is a contemplation of the dynamics of human connection and disconnection. Our personal relationships can be puzzling, contradictory and mercurial. There are layers of information in each person that color their interpretation of the world and of themselves. The sculptures dissect elements of our relationships with others and within ourselves. The complexities and the subtleties of interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics can be observed in the prosaic and ordinary events. This body of work is particularly influenced by the experience of observing the alterations to personality that come with advanced aging and memory loss due to dementia. The sculptures become allegories for human vulnerability and fragility as we age