Leslie Plato Smith
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Sea Floor
Cones 6 and 10, oxidation, underglazes, slips, porcelain and Black Mountain, assemblage, water color pencil and crayon on paper

sculpture: 30" x 18" x 10" / drawing 24" x 18"


Life began on earth 4 billion years ago, hatching under water with a strong desire to feed and procreate. The compulsion to survive and leave a legacy is strong in our world where danger lurks and beauty explodes. My ceramic assemblage installations explore our world’s ever-evolving environment: biological, social, political, economic.

I use 2D drawings to expand the boundaries to fully realize the concept of the clay-based sculptures.
Drawings represent the ideal, while the 3D stacks capture the effect of Mother Nature and Mankind on all life on Planet Earth. It’s tough, not pretty.