Lisa Schenkelberg
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hand-built stoneware
cone 5 oxidation

22.75" x 10.5" x 8.5"


Portal is an expression of the Sacred Feminine and the interconnectivity at the heart of Nature. All life forms are embedded in interdependent systems and I am interested in articulating a symbolic representation of the essential energies that generate the ever-cycling spiral of birth and death. My work is intentionally abstract as a means to emphasize this underlying force. This piece offers a visual representation of the threshold through which the invisible is made visible and form emerges from and returns to the sea of potential.

My work also taps into humanity’s ancestral roots. Fundamental to the Paleolithic peoples that created the earliest ceramic art was a perception of themselves as inextricable extensions of elemental processes and their art can be viewed as a symbolic expression of this way of being. My art amplifies this ancient practice while simultaneously offering a critical reminder of what has been obscured during the 2000+ years advance of patriarchal civilization, namely the recognition of our intrinsic connection to the Earth. Ultimately, my work holds a vision for the future of humanity - that reawakening to our inherent interdependence within Nature will transform how we live and relate with all beings.