Jan Schachter
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Green/Brown Cup on a Shelf
Shelf: Black Mountain Stoneware clay, extruded, fabricated and secured with wire nails
Cup:  porcelain, thrown
Both fired in a wood kiln (approx. cone 10)
7.5" x 8" x 4.5"

Green/Brown Cup on a Shelf is made of clay fired to approximately cone 10 in a wood kiln to which either soda or salt was introduced.  When glazing my tea bowls for a wood firing I am particularly interested in the subtle or brilliant colors that will occur – blending with the unglazed portions, which have unique colors of their own.  The shelf was built from extruded lengths of Black Mountain clay. It is partially held together with wire nails that have endured the flames and heat as well. The idea is to enhance the tea bowl and give it an additional presence.