Joe Paushel

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To Recite Information and Feed What's Flimsy
low-fire earthenware, glaze, paint
25" x 9" x 9" (wall mounted)


With Such a Hapless Posture
low-fire earthenware, porcelain, glaze, paint
43" x 17" x 7" (wall mounted)








Confusion is seen between cast and hand-made components, sexual and naive forms, accepted and unaccepted gender binaries, as well as cheap abundance and costly absence. As a result, contradictions between what is missing and what is in excess address issues of surface identity and value perception of both self and other. 

Through the coupling of cast and replicated forms, while referencing material culture, I consider the value of objects and their places in my life. I make copies of existing objects, and then mold, cast, and alter them for different contexts. At times, decorative and bodily forms break down, become fluid, and resemble many things at once. In other cases, they seem to get caught up in a game of dress-up and pretend play while trying to fit into their surroundings. Eventually, they find themselves negotiating new categories on and off the wall as the decorative grotesque.