Brent Pafford
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midrange English porcelain, cone 6 oxidation, resin, glitter, PC-11, mason stain, copper pipe, plastic tube, iron fitting

3.5" x 5" x 3.5"


POPJCT /päpjekt/ (noun): An object critical of contemporary culture's compulsion to objectify and idolize the self and its distinctiveness.

POPJCTs are handmade porcelain vessels. Glitter is applied with 2-part resin, encapsulating and containing it: fret not, you will not have glitter all over your life (unless you already do). Attachments (hardware/fixtures/etc.) are added using marine-grade epoxy with mason stain added as colorant.

POPJCTs reside within a larger body of ongoing work entitled GlamCraft. This body of work explores contemporary culture through process and materials.

POPJCT Care Instructions:
•NOT microwave safe
•NOT dishwasher safe
•Rinse gently with mild detergent in warm sudsy water
•Air dry
(POPJCTs risk cracking when extremely hot/cold liquids are introduced. POPJCTs are not meant for daily use.)