John Lennertz
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Our Lady of Deep Sea Exploration
cone 1 hand built, B-Mix paper clay, found objects, acrylic

40" x 16" x 16"


With this piece I tried to give my work a lighter, more humorous feel. Our Lady of Deep Sea Exploration is a novice swimmer at best, with her flotation tube, “water wings,” and her ridiculously long snorkel.  The interior of the piece is filled with an homage to miniatures which have fascinated me since I was a child, having seen Star Wars on opening day as a ten-year-old and regularly peering into the windows on Disneyland’s Main Street.  The inclusion of these miniature items allows me a break from the din of adulthood and theresponsibilities inherent with being a “grown up.”  What is inside this piece is a world of pure indulgence and escape-ism, a place where I could hide in the creation of it for as long as I needed, and a tiny place for the viewer to hide out and forget being “grown up” as well.