G.V. Kelley
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In Training 3

low fire ceramic, acrylic paint and medium, graphite pencil, nail polish, glitter spray

40" x 10" x 9"


I am interested in the performative nature of gender conveyed through figurative sculpture. I am inspired by various performance artists who intentionally queer and blur the gender binary. My use of color and material in the surfacing of my figures speaks to a history of performance as well as draws from subcultures such as that of drag, club kids, and the club culture of the goth/industrial/electronic music scenes. I utilize the imagery of breast binding with ace bandages to reference gender dysphoria and the ways in which people manipulate their bodies to feel comfortable in their own skin. I use washes and shapes of color to bring the figure into the realm of spectacle, and add layered depth to a form coded by specific posturing and adornment.