Hsun-Yuan Hsu
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cone 04 electric kiln fired, coil hand-built, soldate 60 clay, underglaze and acrylic

12" x 7" x 4.5"


I am fascinated by how sculpture, typically stiff and immovable, can be transformed by modeling and design into something moving, alive and growing. I base my sculptural works on nature, most often plants, to create living sculptures that show this idea of movement and growth. I also incorporate fractal and geometric patterns like spirals, to contrast and draw attention to the organic forms in my sculptures.

I take my inspiration from fruits and vegetables I have seen daily in markets in America and Asia. I have created works based on artichokes, sugar apples, and dragon fruit, which I picked because of their mixture of colors and diverse textures. For Sugar-Apple, I modified the form of the fruit by adding geometric spines, or sugar crystals, to show its overwhelming sweetness. I imagine new life sprouting out of these familiar plants, adding tail-like forms and spirals. By combining these elements, I aim to show the warmth and dynamic nature of life.