Kai Hong
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Go Get It!

earthenware, underglaze, cone 04 glaze fire, electric oxidation, found object

sitting polar bear: 14.5” x 14.125” x 12”
lazy polar bear: 7” x 12” x 23”

$2,600 (sitting polar bear)
(lazy polar bear)
(crystal stone)
$3,500 set

As the iceberg is melting, not only do polar bears hunt seals for food, but also, they seek ice chunks to survive on.

“Don’t just spread eagle on the ice and chin wag with the others! Go get me the ice in front of us!” orders the bossy polar bear, as he is gulping down the Coke and munching the hamburger. The lazy polar bear is lying on the remaining iceberg, reluctantly pulling backward the lasso which is tied to the ice chunk in the distance.

The elements of US popular culture like Coke and hamburgers are to imply that we humans are manufacturing products very fast by which the earth’s resources are being depleted. The juxtaposition of the realistic color treatment and the pop art elements signifies that we humans are evil to animals.